Photo Submissions

The SIX Rules!

Rule #1 is On Time = All Images must be submitted by 4:00- pm on Monday, Nov. 19, 2018.

Rule #2 is Format = Images must be in the JPEG format

Rule #3 is Quality = We want your photos at their highest resolution; however, we will not accept files larger than 20MB.

Rule #4 is NO Names on Images= Images with names, e.g. in a copyright watermark, will not be accepted, since judging is anonymous.

Rule #5 is Filename = Rename your images in the following style:

For example, if John Smith were submitting two images for category #3 his image filenames would read:


Images with filenames deviating from this filename format will not be accepted. E.g. do not insert a middle initial or add other numbers, such as from the original filename. Filenames are batched processed to remove names for judging and other needs, and only filenames in the above format will work.

Names will not be available to the judges: all images will be renamed in a random, numerical order without names prior to judging to assure anonymity.

 RULE #6 (OPTIONAL) is TAG ONE ONLY Image of Your Choice for Your Comment During the Slideshow by Adding "Comment" to the Filename = Rename this image in the following style:

For example, if John Smith chooses to comment on his image #2 in category 3, this special  filename would read:


Please add "Comment" to only one filename, since your comment will be limited to one image of your choice.

Your designation of a photo for comment will not be available to the judges and will not have any effect on judging.

How to Submit Your Images:
For this contest, if possible, please submit images on CD or DVD. Please put all images in a single folder or root of the CD/DVD. If your computer does not have a CD/DVD drive, please email submissions to

Burn your images onto a CD or DVD, then mail or drop-off your disk to be received by 4:00 pm on Nov. 19, 2017 to:

     Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust
     2955 Edge Hill Road
     Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006-5099

Note: If you are shooting on film, your images will need to be scanned into a computer and submitted as JPEGs.
Email if you have any questions about submissions.

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